Venting glowforge

Just unboxed my Glowforge, any advice on buying or making a safe window vent? I’d like to keep the heat and air in my house, and not going out the open window.

Just take some measurements and cut yourself something with a hole big enough for a dryer vent to fill the open window. Attach the exhaust hose. When not in use remove it.
If you have a sliding window be sure to block the opening created between the windows when they open. I use a towel for this.


Congrats on your purchase! I made the window venting semi-permanent. I used a piece of wall styrofoam insulation. Sealed the window and used foil tape to wrap and seal any cracks. Installed a metal vent on the outside with a vent flap. Imperial VT0730 6-Inch Heavy-Duty Outdoor Exhaust Vent

Also installed a POWERTEC 70108 4-Inch Blast Gate. This blast gate seals perfect. Some other blast gate designs will have gaps in the gate section allowing smoke in the room.

I installed a 6" fan, that’s why you see 6" venting hose.

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