Venting Picture Check

I wanted to double check the set up in my basement. I have my GF venting out of the basement window using a piece of foam that I take in/out.

However, I’d like to be able to keep the infinity fan in the window without having to remove it. My Dad got a dryer vent cap with flaps today as I was worried about the cold getting in. I also bought a blast gate off of Amazon that I will install. Tape around the foam will also be used, as well as around the fan.

This coming week is supposed to be freezing here in MA.


Sounds like a good plan to me. My window insert is literally just Proofgrade acrylic (clear, spray painted white on the outside facing side) with the window closed on it, and it doesn’t get cold in winter or hot in summer.

You might find that the foil hose develops pinhole leaks after some use. Seems common with them. I got the AC Infinity brand hose from Amazon which has a rubber outer layer over the foil.

The blast gate is a necessity, as even a louvred vent cap won’t keep the outside air from leaking into the machine. On humid summer days that’ll cause condensation to form in the Glowforge.

I’m using a blast gate you can print and make at home, it’s air tight!


Open the glowforge.

Flip the front door down.

Close the top.

Now your Glowforge is exposed to room air, so it won’t get overly cold. I leave my front door open all the time when it’s cold.


I also keep my GF in the basement. I want to point out a couple of things.

First, your in a basement. This is great. Generally the ambient temperature and humidity in the basement won’t change by much. This means that your machine should work fairly consistently with consistent material. It also tends to mean that the Glowforge will stay cooler while it cuts, also a good thing.

I just recently moved to a new house where I had a 6 inch vent put in just for the Glowforge. It has the flaps on the outside like a dryer vent. I also have a sensor that measures temp and humidity. The temperature before and after the install of the vent was basically unchanged. Even after the temperature dropped and it snowed here, the temprature was fine. So I wouldn’t worry as much about that unless you lived in Tundra.

Because you are in a basement, you have a vent pipe that moves the exhaust up and out of the window well right? If you are planning to make it semi-permanent, you might want to think about using caulk instead of tape.


My vent goes out in a 4 inch hole. If you are doing this as a window width, make sure you are not making a weak link in your house security.
If they will snatch a window AC out to rob a house, a chunk of acrylic would be a target.
Even doggie doors. People get very inventive when they want to relocate your stuff.
The struggle is real.

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Good point! The window is under our deck but to be honest having to remove the fan isn’t that bad.

We have a pellet stove in the basement and keep the temp at 70-degrees. It was 60 before but felt colder.

Nice! Which end did you put your blast gate? On YouTube videos I saw that it went on the machine air vent side. Thanks!

The “Glowforge mounted blast gate” design goes on the back of the Glowforge, then the hose attaches to it.


We are going to Maine for the weekend. We will have the pellet stove off, this is could get down to 40 in the basement? I’m afraid to move the GF to another room that is warmer. Would covering the GF with blankets help keep it warm while the pellet stove is off?

I think I’m going to stay home just to make sure that the pellet stove is on.

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Bundle it up - close access to the outside - and let it warm up with the house when you come back. If you’re really worried you could get a lizard mat to put inside.


I guess I am little confused about your basement. What temperature does your basement get to if you leave the pellet stove off? Most basements will maintain a temperature close to the ambient temperature of the ground.

I’m confused as well, as my Dad said it could get down to 40-degrees. I’m not sure how as we have the furnace room right next to it and the basement is finished now.

We ended up moving the table with the GF into the furnace room and covered it.