Venting problem I had not worried about

So as you are probably aware we faced arctic doom this week. This morning have a 3.5hr job I kicked off and since it is 6 degrees outside figured I wanted to see the plume of engrave smoke out back. I looked out a window noticing that of course the vent was under a foot of snow drift… So out in my bathrobe with my Sorels on in the howling wind (I will spare all a photo of that) and dug out the vent… Glad I noticed that before the snow backed the smoke into the house… I will do a better job later when I am fully dressed with a shovel…


Yikes! I’m glad you spotted the minor issue before it became a major issue.

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Especially since the CO and smoke detectors are in the room with the GF. It’s linked into our central alarm (that would get the lazy kids up!)




Another item for the I Knew That column. Real learning experience.

Lots of stuff has a way of biting you when you are holding down the grass to make a new path. Here in boggy bottom, the concern is non working flaps allowing critters access to a new hole to call home.

Thanks for sharing. I imagine a lot of the great white users are outside examining their own setup now.


Don’t really need a picture Henry, the description and mental image of Sorel Caribou and bath robe leave enough open to the imagination! :no_mouth:

Good heads up for everyone to check their vent. :+1:


Good adventure avoidance! (Although the bath robe in the cold might have been adventure enough.) :smile:

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As my wife said, luckily our neighbor is practically family, so probably won’t end up on youtube…