[Editors note: I have a GF+, so no pass-thru]

I didn’t want the hose thru window solution, and I tried to build a shop vacuum into a exhaust system, but that was a fail whale (for any job over 15 mins) (the vacuum would overheat) so I did some home depot looking for inspiration, and came up with THIS:

Flat dryer vent

but there where issues (it wasn’t long enough, I had to sheet tin it, AND IT BLOCKED THE POWER AND SWITCH) (oopsie!) back to redesign again, and FINALLY getting it to seal to the back on the GF and not leak air (refrigerator foam seal!!)

anyway - the finished product!


Now THAT is cool! I love that it is invisible behind the GF. Ingenious!


Hopefully that doesn’t hurt your airflow because that looks amazing!

@RyanD actually to my surprise I seem to have more movement then when I had a vacuum attached to it, Doing a 3 hour 'burn" it would stop every 30 mins for a cool down cycle, with the new setup It took one cool down break total.



That still seems crazy to me for a cool down. Maybe it’s because mine is in a cool basement with AC but I’ve gone 5+ hours straight without a cool down.

remember I am in vegas, a tad warmer. . . .

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