Very good article highlighting five laserable materials


Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 25th, 2017

I’m so gonna have to try felt.




That was a great article. I have samples of all those, waiting for my laser, except the polarizing film. Hmmmmm…


Nice find. Thanks so much for sharing!


Great find! Thanks for sharing this in the forum - bookmarked!


Polarizing Film - wow. That’s gonna be a new toy for me to play with. Great find!


Thank you.


I made the highlight reel! Okay, I didn’t but Pokono did and I was first to post. :squee:


WOOOOOW!!! Bokmarked :squee: :squee: :squee:


I have cool ideas in the works for both cardstock & thick felt. I’m excited to see them come to life!


Bokeh filters are high on my list of “uses for my GF” so I’m glad to see I wasn’t out in left field. Thanks.


Polarizing film. First mention I’d ever seen anywhere.

In the one foto in the Delrin section an idea for lens covers for my Canon lenses that disappeared somewhere.

Note on felt: I got a bunch of polyester felt from the craft store. Haven’t tested it. Polyester seems ok to laser (please correct me if I’m in error) but might pose some particular challenges. Something that waits for testing.

This is a fantastic article. Thanks.


OH! That sparked some ideas! Never thought about polarized film…
thanks for sharing!


I am interested in being able to cut plastic films to make solder paste masks. I have some Kapton (polyimide) sheet left over from 3D printing experiments ready to try.


Works fine. You even get nicely sealed edges. Careful on power/speed so you don’t melt it but it cuts really pretty fast (can’t say what that is on the GF since it’s slower than what I’m used to but start at highest speed med power and either ramp power up or slow speed down to test it - something with a bunch of parallel lines would work as a calibration pattern).


What about 100% wool felt? I’ve got a nice collection of that. Other than probably smelling bad, since it’s a natural substance I’m assuming it will work.


Yep to both (it does smell :slight_smile:)


Quick, do we have an origami expert who can figure out how to make a box out of polarizing film so that some of the sides will be crossed?