Very limited warranty for international customers

This is one of the big reasons we’re still on the fence about accepting ours. If we were confident we’d get a solid few years out of it it would probably still be worth the cost to us, but I’m very wary of it becoming a money pit.

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I like your idea of a compromise. How about this:

For international customers, we’ll replace the machine free of charge (including shipping) if it fails due to hardware malfunction within the first xx months. After that, and while the warranty is in effect, the user will pay shipping to send it back, but the replacement will be shipped free of charge.

xx is the magic number :hushed:


I wrote to support to ask how I can test that the GF works as intended on arrival here in Norway andwas hoping for a test cut or other procedures. I was a bit puzzled by the answer I received: is my request unreasonable?Should this information not be available before shipping commences? How do you read this?

“Thanks for checking in! We haven’t started international delivery yet, so I don’t have any recommendations to share. Once we do, we’ll be able to provide better advice and direction. Of course, you’ll be able to read all the latest information before deciding whether to proceed with accepting your Glowforge for international delivery.”

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Very odd is says “delivery” and not “shipping”. I wonder if something has changed or if that is a slip.

I think international “shipping” was supposed to start a few days ago but didn’t get off to a good start.

I just had this issue arrive at my doorstep. I’m in Australia and they are refusing to cover any shipping costs either way and it’s going to cost me close to 2000 AUD in shipping all up to get a new one. Not to mention they haven’t even tried to trouble shoot the issue with me, just jumped straight to the oh well it’s broken and it needs to be replaced card.
I was in love with this product from day dot but the poor international support has me gobsmacked

They have pretty much shafted me on this topic. My glowforge stopped doing the auto focus and auto centre bit of the startup sequence this week and so far they haven’t even offered me a solution. You’re right…I’m not going to go quietly. Let’s see if a call to the Bureau of Consumer Protection wakes them up

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The lack of any troubleshooting assistance is very worrying. That won’t be acceptable once international shipping actually starts, unless local service centres exist in each country (unlikely).
Let us know how you get on and all the best.

Yeah you raise a valid point actually. What happens if I pay all this money to get the old one sent off and the new one sent over and then they start offering free shipping on warranty returns once the shipping to Australia starts? Do I get a refund ? I doubt it.

I think this is a very good example of the logistics that delay them shipping to certain countries. Glowforge did not ship to Australia and you found a way to get it home. Awesome and resourceful of you for certain. Several Canadian buyers did the same and the forum has conversations about the risk: that any shipping for warranty work would be on them.
Dan openly said he can’t recommend arranging your own delivery and used your situation as the cautionary example.
I am really sorry for your situation, and I’m sure Dan and the other Glowfolk are also sorry that it happened; but that was definitely openly stated and not hidden in fine print.
I know my comment isn’t remotely helpful; but it also isn’t surprising.
The bureau of consumer protection may make a stink; but the company has not yet begun to ship to Australia and has not therefore any obligation to pay shipping for warranty work.


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