Vibration in Fan and General support

The fan in my glowforge pro is vibrating horribly. I sent support an email and they got back to me in a few days. I replied to them after they requested pictures. 3 Days later they asked me to schedule a time when we can work on the unit remotely. I asked for the 23rd, and if I can still use my unit while I am waiting on the repair. Now, it has been a week and I have not heard anything. Nobody has confirmed my appointment, nor has anyone told me whether or not I can still use my glowforge while I am waiting to get the fan cleaned out. This is now the second time I have filed support with them where they completely disappeared in the middle of a case. Is anybody else experiencing this ‘support ghosting’ after things get started with them?

You will need to clear and clean the fan, If you have a Basic this will be easier, But @Jules laid out a procedure here…Caution: Dirty Pictures....or...How I Cleaned the Exhaust Fan 🤔


Support contacted me and is providing a solution. Thanks all…