We built a quick little hopper item


While we have a lot of work in the hopper to help with positioning, we did make one invisible but handy change now. If you upload an artboard or SVG canvas that is the magic dimensions 12x20, the UI will override its automatic placement of the contents and pin the top-left corner of the artboard to the top-left corner of the screen. This little workaround makes it easier to use jigs, if you so desire. I haven’t tried it myself, but something tells me @takitus will give it a whirl soon. :slight_smile:

Don’t count on this feature sticking around permanently, but it was a quick and easy workaround for the time being.

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Great! I’m looking forward to seeing @takitus’s feedback on this feature. Thanks, @dan!


Awesome! I can see this being useful.


That is a welcome new feature!


Should be useful. :grinning:

@dan Is there an easy Metric equivalent or just x2.54?


This sounds like it could be incredibly helpful! Thank you guys for turning this around so quickly! Awesome!

Definitely gonna try this out tonight


Might have to remember about the new physical bed size and the S/W limited movement of the pre-release units when you design the SVG layout.


They have these giant hazard marked zones in the UI that taunt me on a daily basis. I won’t be forgetting them anytime soon lol. First item on the agenda, testing exact max dimensions. They’re probably exactly what they say they are, but I’ll push stuff over by .001 just to see :wink:


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :heart_eyes:

A jig, a jig…we’ll be able to do a jig!

And we get a hopper item to boot!

SQUEEEEEEEEEE! :grinning::heartpulse::squeeee::boom::lion_face::boom::squeeee:


This update means you can do everything in illustrator where you can set your own units!

AFAIR The only place they have units set in the GFUI is in the speed, which is set at inches per minute instead of mm per second.


I really hope that feature stays in, I have almost every design file made in the last year and change as a 12 x20, or the rarer 20x12. I have plenty of files to test it, if you ever need. :stuck_out_tongue:


Understood. I was just thinking that you would need to design the layout with those limitations in mind. The 11.5" X 20.4" bed is a fixed value but I wasn’t sure whether the S/W controlled head movement limitation was a fixed number or varied with the calculated head speed. Probably not a big deal, and might not be treated the same way by the time most of us get a Glowforge.


TBH I haven’t noticed any difference in the DMZ based on speed. It doesn’t change in the UI when you change speed. They probably just set it at max safe distance and left it there until they get it dialed in. that’s fine with me. I can just cut a hard border around it. Then I can do some head accuracy tests


This will be awesome! Doing this should be to shortcut past the issue with camera parallax. Hot diggity!


Your sooooo silly ! (ahem…in a good way of course )


I suspect that it will be replaced with a more user-friendly way in the future. Either way, Yay!


It’s like one of those “strongest man” competitions where the guy has to pull a semi or something. Pulling hard to move closer to the finish line, but not quite there yet. Nice to hear that there is a temporary workaround.


yes, heres to hoping. numeric position entry in the GFUI along with numeric sizing/rotation would be perfect.

Feature request: Absolute positioning - CNC Mill style

THIS!!! That’s so exciting! Even if it doesn’t stay its nice to know that you guys have jigs in mind. :slight_smile:


that is excellent!