Video walkthrough of the Camera Recalibration

Just ran mine and it stopped while doing the measuring portion and gave me a kickback of “Unable to measure material” any suggestions?

Make sure your material covers the entire usable area of the bed–it comes especially close to the front. Make sure there’s no light shining into the Glowforge that might interfere with the camera’s ability to “see” the bed. Make sure your cameras (on the lid and the bottom of the head) are clean.


Thank you!! Do you know if I would be able to use the same sheet or did that one go to waste?

You can re-mask it so it’s smooth again, and reuse it – or turn it over and use the other side (peel off the PG label if it has one).

Freakin’ awesome! Thanks so much for taking the time to film it and share it with us!

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I tried again and it said the calibration failed… now it’s saying to clean the lid camera when I’ve already cleaned it :frowning:

Finally, the GlowForge will be able to accurately do the #1 thing I bought this laser for!!
Can’t wait to get out of the office to get this done.


Make sure there’s not too much light shining into the machine – try covering it with a towel or something, maybe.

Sorry for pinging you with so many updates/questions! Now I just checked the camera as I went to etch something and have noticed it is actually pretty foggy even after cleaning. Any recommendations on making is clearer? I’ve already used lens wipes…

That’s odd. Are you using Zeiss wipes, or something equivalent? If the lens wipes aren’t getting it clean, I’m not sure what would be going on. Try cleaning it again, and if it’s still foggy you should probably post a photo of it over in Problems and Support so they can look into it for you.

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It uses the camera on the bottom of the head to take the macro pictures of the marks. Perhaps try cleaning that one. It worked for someone else who received that message, at least.

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No problem I am glad I can help.

This maybe a stupid question. The first thing I have done after unpacking my new glowforge was to recalibrate it. I saw the question about reusing the board to do again sometime or reusing the board in general, but it is helpful to keep the board and use it to check or set focusing or do you just set focus on the new piece you are working on?

Set focus is always for the piece you are currently working on. :slight_smile: The calibration board is a one-time deal. You can remask it and reuse it, though, if you need to run calibration again.

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Brand new GF user here. I’ve watched your video twice. I’ve manually typed in into my Safari browser. In the search field I typed in “Camera Cal” and everything but “Introducing Lid Camera Calibration” came up. So I tried just typing in the entire post title “Introducing Lid Camera Calibration” and I still cannot locate Dan’s original post with this title. Can someone just send me the direct link to Dan’s post? Thanks in advance!

Nevermind. I found it on one of eflyguy’s more updated post regarding this. Thanks eflyguy for actually linking to Dan’s post on this topic in your post…super helpful for us newbies when some of these posts are over a year old.

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Hello MegUSN1, I am running into the same issue. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the solution yet. Would you share the resource you have found?

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Hello, I’m having the same problem. What did you do to find the video?
Thanks in Advance


If any one else has the issue: sometimes the names of posts are changed but either of Dan’s post that come up with the search will get you to what you need. Dan is the CEO of :glowforge: and his posts always have interesting info in them!