Vin diesel bust made of ham on a laser


Laser cutting ham slices - Vin Diesel

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Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 1st, 2017

I hope I make better use of my glowforge LOL


This is NOT on my list… for sure.


Welp, I know what’s a few buddy’s are going to be getting for birthday presents, right after I wave a Kinect around their heads and scan their busts… :laughing:


Who cares about lasering chocolate when you can laser a cold cut


This guy is driving me nuts with his random acts…I dont think I have OCD but this makes me think I do…eewwww food in the workshop area…


Nice tip with the prophylactic cling film over the keyboard! Definite plus for Fusion360.


Yeah, that removed ol’ Vin from the fantasy dream list pretty thoroughly! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve watched a few of his other videos after watching the Meat Diesel, and it looks like this guy is in a one-room apartment because literally everything the guy owns is in this one living space. LOL.

His homebuilt laser setup is pretty cool (and large!)… sketchy as it can get (completely exposed beam path) but cool.


Yeah I dont agree.its a hazard at best…I’m truly surprised he hasn’t burned down his house…or apt…or been asphyxiated by fumes…:unamused:


I mean why else would you even need a laser? That’s why I got one!


this is NOT on my to do list


-10 points for not making it life-sized


I’m really afraid this guy is going to eat something bad and get super sick or burn his house down.
I hope not, but he needs to make better life choices…I’m going to keep watching until he does though.


Fifty DKP minus!!!


I would like this 500x if I could, as I read this we are mythic raiding nighthold