VIP Maker Faire Bay Area tickets


Hi everyone!

Some exciting news - we got a set of Maker Faire Bay Area tickets to give away! Obviously we want to meet as many of you as possible, and since we’ve got a chance coming up, we wanted to give some tickets as a gift for you.

We have tickets for either Friday, May 19th (which is a VIP, limited-access event called FRIDAY@MakerFaire from 1 - 5pm) OR for the main event on Saturday May 20th (10 am - 7 pm) or Sunday May 21st (10 am - 6 pm). The Sat/Sun tickets are good for one day only.

If you’re in the Bay Area (or can get yourself to the Bay Area next weekend) and want to come see Glowforge, Dan, me, or the whole darn Faire in person, just fill out the form here by midnight this Tuesday, and I’ll email you on Wednesday with the tickets if you’ve been chosen!

Hope to see you there!



Oh man now Im even more jealous! Cant make it to the SF maker faire, but will definitely be going to the NYC one. You guys doing the same thing for NYC?


If I didn’t have prior obligations I would have applied and booked a flight down. Haha.


Wish I could make it, but being on the East Coast makes it hard to go cross country at a moments notice. Will look forward to maybe participating in the the NYC one.


Can’t say for certain, but if we see an interest from all of you we can sure try!


Sweet! You guys are awesome! (Any chance we could get deputized as Glowforge evangelists with like a sticker or something as we go about the faire singing its praises? I’m kidding. Kind of… Its going to happen anyway, with or without the sticker :smile: )


East coast here…would definitely be interested in the opportunity for NYC event tickets :smiley:


weve already got a group lined up to go! Wish it was sooner!


I have started to have internal dialogue about when I will get off my arse and attend a maker faire. This is a perfect opportunity. Who cares if I have to make plans for a 6 hour drive in a few days.

I wanna freaking GO!

Out of curiosity… would a first time attending person likely enjoy the shorter Friday event? Seems like you would miss much of the flavor of the faire (not that it would take much to convince the family to stay for the other days… but are normal tickets hard to get?)

EDIT: At the end of the survey it says you will contact people on Monday. In the original post it says Wednesday.


I’m still on the fence about going to NYC Maker Faire.
I may have to go just because of the plethora of GlowFolk going. :wink:


I would recommend the full day experience. You could spend hours just listening to the talks/presentations, and you will not run out of things to see/do. Friday will likely be less crowded, or populated with a large number of school groups.

Tickets aren’t hard to get (and hopefully not too hard to win :wink:…) you can buy them here (also linked in the form from Bailey):

Where are you located? (6 hours could just be the East Bay to San Mateo on the right weekend…)


Well rats. I would have loved to go, but can’t quite justify the short notice costs. :frowning:

I hope you all have a great Maker Faire!


Just remember… Videos, or it didn’t happen !


Ooops, thanks for letting me know! I’ll change it to Weds.


Josh - we’ll also be at the Seattle Mini Maker Faire in September, so hopefully you can join us there!


Oops, I was thinking Seattle. Actually 15 hours away.

Still worth it. But potentially a harder thing to sell the wife on.


I live in Atlanta, but it just so happens I will be in San Francisco that weekend…


We don’t have any stickers but come by the booth for high-fives!

No, you’d walk away sad and disappointed that you didn’t have more time there. :slight_smile:


Couldn’t see a way to edit my earlier response so filled it out a second time. Decided to drag along the whole family and be there even Friday. So if i luck out and get the VIP then we do that ALSO, not in lieu.


Okay, decided we are indeed going. Going to go ahead and run the full weekend.

Withdrawing myself from the pool asking for the free tickets, since I see you can just buy VIP tickets for the Friday event. And I don’t want to miss my chance to attend because I am waiting on freebies. Besides, people who would otherwise not attend should get the freebie, not someone just looking to save a bit of money like myself.