Void in your proof grade

Engraving uncovered a large void in your thick cherry proofgrade


That’s the pits, hope they replace it for you. The crack kinda fits the motif though and looks intentional almost.

BTW, I just started working on the exact same Punisher flag file this morning. (Mine’s not a comb though.) Yours looks great. I wasn’t sure if I’d have to reduce the number of stars so I’m Glad to see how well yours came out.


Thanks, me too. But the crack severely weakened the comb

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I’ve had it happen with a couple of :proofgrade: materials. Hope you aren’t at a critical phase of the job. It’ll take a few days for them to replace it. But I’m sure they will.


I’m surprised no glowforge has chimed in…

Thanks for letting us know about this @DesignsByPhil. I’m so sorry for the late reply.

The material that you received doesn’t meet our standards. I apologize.

I’ve added credit to your account to replace the material. I’ve also passed the information about your material to the right team so we can investigate what happened.