Voltage and Data usage for the off grid user?

I’m using a solar system to power my world and an expensive internet provider, satelite, for communications. How intensively is the use in these two areas? And how much can be done offline?


When the laser is actively running, it draws as much power as a big desktop computer. Double that for the fan. But they both turn off as soon as your print is done.

We want to keep our bandwidth costs down to our servers, so it’s not too data-hungry - megabytes, not gigabytes, per print. We don’t have solid estimates yet though.

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So, 3 months later, any semi-solid estimates yet?

Wonder how easily/quickly Google’s services scale as … millions of (GF)voices screaming out(for print data) and suddenly going silent…isn’t something anyone wants.


Which, of course, is what I was looking for. :wink: Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink. :smiley:

Optimizing bandwidth is one of those things you want to do last, not first. We won’t even start work on that until we’re close to full release.


Have you tried testing minimal bandwidth capacity (like 3G being shared from a phone or a wireless access point that can limit the top end speeds to 256kbps or 512kbps)?

Also, were your tests simulating spotty/flaky internet connectivity?

While you were doing trade shows and makerfaires, did you use land based wifi or cellular?


All of the above.


At shows & MakerFaires right? :grinning:

Also at folks’ houses - our team throws them in cars, takes them home, sets them up on their home internet, and brings them back on weekends.