Voluntary delivery delay


I’m desperately trying to save enough cash to upgrade to pro before delivery. Is there any way to volunteer to take a late delivery so as to give me a little more time?


My understanding is that you just delay providing your mailing address when notified that your order is about to ship.


Yes - exactly as he said, you can opt to hold off a bit when it’s your turn for shipments.


Not a shipping question but more of a cooling question. How are the laser tubes cooled? Most use water cooling systems. Higher end use refrigeration system. I also noticed the operating temp is no more than 70 degrees. That’s still pretty cool for a work area but while running it will heat up at least 15 degrees. I only wonder because I noticed all the videos only show a small project being made. No more than 4 inches long and basic. Is that because it will start to overheat?


There are several threads on cooling including this one: Cooling question. You can search all forums for “cooling” and you will find several other threads.


Since the question was answered, I won’t feel like I’m hijacking this thread :smiley: @dan, I was wondering…when the time comes to ship, would it be possible to be given the option to use our referral credit towards an upgrade, instead of getting the cash back? Like ghessinger, I’m trying to save up too, but with my referrals, I think I could do it! I know it’s not possible before, as some more may cancel (already had two), but what about at shipping time?


I imagine your referral credit would go toward you upgrade since you would be getting the money one way or another.

However I doubt you would be able to use it towards an upgrade since your referrals can request refunds until shipment.


Great suggestion! Putting that in the feature hopper. :slight_smile:


@dan was this ever done?
I’ve been told there will be no rebate until my unit is shipped, so it’s basically 'lost money’
I wouldn’t mind leaving it with you for the upgrade


Still in the hopper. :slight_smile:


Fair enough. Would be nice to get a filter, or the upgrade once things come to fruition :slight_smile: