"Voodoo Magic" diorama book box

Hi everyone! This one may actually top some of my others in terms of quantity of tiny items and just being so stuffed full of stuff! Took a while, but once it started coming together, it was fun. A friend of ours is a halloween nut (different friend than whom I made the Book of Shadows for), and is doing his costume Voodoo this year, Papa Legba style. So I used that as inspiration for this shack in the woods turned Voodoo altar space. I did the inside front cover with a framed image I found online of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau and Papa Legba that was just perfectly fitting for it.

While I was curing the drop of UV resin I used to keep the swingy bits non-swingy, I captured a really awesome photo of it under the UV light. If I was better at integrating lights, it would have been awesome:

Slightly smaller than 5x7x3". Used the GF to engrave/cut the table, shelf, wall brackets and frame from medium draftboard, and cover accent pieces from 1/16" chipboard. Started playing around with clay sculpting and surprisingly my skulls turned out pretty good (except that derpy-looking homunculus there on the floor). All the skulls, teeth, claws, heart, the shrunken head, snake, gris gris bag and gourdes on the wall were all sculpted, the rest is chipboard, cardstock, hot glue, wire, all the vines are twisted strips of paper bag, beads, toothpicks, etc.

This I’ll be taking a break from the macabre for a while, we’ll see what rabbit hole I go down next. Thanks for stopping and taking a look, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


Your projects are always such a treat for the eyes! I love that you made it as a book. Your friend will be thrilled!


Chock full of fabulous details executed with great imagination. Thanks for the inspiration.


Amazing, just amazing!!


Curiouser and curiouser! :rabbit2:


Instantly after seeing your post—- I thought of this store in Memphis Tennessee. If you ever get the chance to be near Memphis you must stop at A. Schwab —- lots of voodoo stuff on the 2nd level.

Wear comfortable shoes, visit on a day when the weather is comfortable, go in the morning and be prepared for a 3-4 hour visit. The store has been here since the 1880s. Lots of history.

Unfortunately I have only visited 1 time in May 1997. It is a store you will never forget. Bring lots of money or a credit card with a very high limit. You will be purchasing things you did not think you needed.

I found a YouTube video.

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Really love this one. It is the gift of a lifetime.




Wow! It’s amazing what you fit in there! Yes the purple glow makes it look really cool.


Now I’m homesick for NOLA!

I love this!


Nice complex project. You have totally conquered the diorama.

Best voodoo joke:
Husband: Ever feel like someone is sticking pins into you?
Wife: No, not really.
Husband: How about now?


Like all the others, this looks great.

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