Wacom Stylus boxes for my favorite Drawfee crew

This has been an on-again off-again project for almost a year and a half – COVID isolation finally bought me enough time at home to push it over the finish line.

One of my favorite youtube channels (Drawfee) is a group of people I’ve wanted to do something for, for a long time. They are professional artists/animators/cartoonists who take silly prompts and improv draw.

I debated about an appropriate gift for a long time, and then I thought that personally designed boxes for their Wacom tablet styluses (the devices they use to draw into Photoshop) would be a fun gift.

Starting from my Wand box designs, upgrading with Dan’s serrated tabs, I created boxes perfectly sized to fit the styluses with custom engravings based on drawings they’ve made on the show.

The lid is .02" PETG which is flexible enough to allow a slight arch. FYI in the picture, I left the protective film on because I’m going to ship them, I want to protect against scratches. The actual PETG is beautifully transparent.

I think I’ve finally fully dialed in the process of creating effective 3D engrave on birch plywood, planning on posting a process topic on that later.

I also 3D printed a quick standin of the stylus for funsies.

I don’t know if anyone else has a wacom stylus – if you want I’ll send you the files to make these. And, if anyone’s curious, this is a link to the hinge, and this is a link to the latches, both of which I bought on Amazon.


These are gorgeous!

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Beautiful work, congratulations.

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They are beautiful boxes, and I love that innovative idea of the arched PETG—gotta try that. Your giftees will be thrilled!



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Those are beautiful and awesome! I am sure the crew will love them! I love their redesigns.

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These are fantastic! I love everything about them but especially the ribs under the lid to help lock down the stylus. Very cool!

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Ditto, fantastic work

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Very nice!
How is the PETG attached?

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awesome. I should make one to hold all my wacom styluses and apple pencil too. :slight_smile:

The screws that hold the hinges and latches in place go through the PETG. In some cases, I also reinforced it with E6000.

They’re simply stunning! How thoughtful of you!

Thank you for the links to the hardware.

Wow! These are stunning. Amazing gift boxes for all kinds of things.

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awesome box! i love the personalization. Would love to have the file. How do we get it?

Beautiful! They will be so thrilled to receive them!


Gorgeous! My Wacom stylus wouldn’t know how to act in a fancy home like that!

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Wow - so beautiful! A longer box will hold wands (shouldn’t be an issue even for the PETG). The clear top works great for display in case.

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Oh my that is great and yes I would love the file on this

Wow, those are really fantastic! I’d love to have you send me the file, they look like they’d be a really fun project to play with!
Thanks for posting!