Wand display box

I’ve been fine-tuning a wand box for a while (as seen by the evolving prototypes below)

It seemed funny to me that so many wand boxes don’t display the wand. The materials in the prototypes were all draftboard, the final was baltic birch ply, 1/8". I used a dye from Amazon, surprisingly cheap for how nice it turns out. The top of the box is PETG. One sheet (it’s so clear it hardly shows up in photos) spans the entire top and is curved by the wood sides of the box. The other two pieces are painted with stained glass paint and etched away (my usual trick.)

Also, for those curious, the wand was a gift from a friend on Youtube. His channel is a lot of fun, if you’re interested.

I also really got to go to town on the 3D engrave – I told my glowforge it was Maple Hardwood in order to get the option to come up, and I’m really pleased with the results.

For those interested in major nerdage, the text is from a book of Old English riddles, specifically one about a tree that gets cut to make a battering ram. (In my headcanon, the wizarding version is about a wand). I wanted to create something that Harry Potter fans might enjoy without actually infringing on Harry Potter IP, if I decide to make more and sell.


Absolutely magnificent. That wand deserves a clear top for sure.


Thanks for posting those pictures, the details, and the link to the dye you used.
I can see that my future fan boxes might look quite different, and the idea of being able to see the contents is a winner !
John :upside_down_face:


FYI, I got the PETG from here:
Even a couple sheets will keep you stocked forever, and they’ll cut it down to glowforge size for you before shipping (also, it’s much cheaper than shipping the full size sheets).


Very kind of you to pass on that link.
Do you have any problems cutting (or even engraving, if you have done so) PETG ?
It would be my go-to material for glazing my smaller fan frames, too, I think.
John :upside_down_face:

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You are AMAZING!

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A really outstanding piece! Genius idea to curve the PETG like that–I’ve not seen that done. Well done!


What thickness and if you had good cut settings, can you share them?

I have had some success cutting PETG but the edges are not beautiful like acrylic.

I love the blue dye, thanks for the link!


Very classy!! :heart_eyes: :mage:

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Outfknstanding! That looks sooo good! Premiere piece. Well done. Etc. etc. :smiley:


I’ve been using .02" thickness and cutting at 500 speed, full power. The cuts are fairly clean, but the plastic does recoil a bit from the laser’s path – so fine detail doesn’t work very well, but if you have gentle curves or individual points it usually works out.


Exceptional work!

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