Waiting for import vat reimbursement since May

My unit had a defect with the camera so I got a replacement at the end of April. I send my other unit to the UK. So I payed two time import vat to get the glowforge to Europe. I can get one time import tax back if I have the correct documentation that the glowforge has left the EU again. But glowforge has not provided me with the correct documentation and has not reimbursed me yet. It is over 800 Euros. Please @dan just reimburse me this money. Your team gave me wrong information with my name spelled wrongly and the wrong amount. I have written to them numerous times and I have also put a lot of time to investigate with the tax office here. Pleeeeeease just send me the money.

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Glowforge might be able to provide rhe documentation but they don’t have your money. Your Government does.


GF don’t understand this problem. I went through the same thing, they sent the wrong paperwork with the replacement and then sent more wrong paperwork trying to correct it.

In the end I gave up and kind of cheated the paperwork to the tax man.

Keep hassling them and make it very clear what you need.

In the UK it took me three different govt branches before I got the right people. Try calling your tax people, they may be able to advise you.

And finally, GF need to get their paperwork right, but your taxman has your money.

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They could also just send me the money. It was their fault that the unit was defect. I would have been much easier and less costly if you count the time people are working on this.

Are you going to let your government just keep the money? Are you going to (hypothetically) refund Glowforge the money when you get it back from the government?


Yes sure if I would give it back to glowforge. But at the moment I can’t get it because glowforge is not providing me with the right documentation. Why are you on their side? They fooled us for 3 years and now are continuing to fool us.

I’m sorry for the trouble you’re experiencing working through VAT and tax issues with your replacement. I apologize for the incorrect documentation and for the effort this has taken on your side. I’ve replied to your latest email, and am going to close this thread since we’re working there.

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