Waning interest

Anyone else ever hit a spot where it just seems really hard to get excited about making anything? I seem to have hit it hard. Not sure what to do - with my life there aren’t many choices of things I can do. Any inspiration appreciated.


Can’t really offer inspiration…sorry…but, I know what you mean. I’m in sort of a ‘lull’ right now, too. My best thought is to just not try too hard…don’t force things and let things happen naturally. I really do think that inspiration and ideas come organically and on their own timeline.


I believe this too. Sometimes, I don’t have any ideas at all and other times I have so many ideas I can’t keep up with them. Just take time to look around and something new will come to you. Also browse the forum, there are many inspiring things there.


I agree with @Xabbess, excitement is a component of inspiration. Little will stand in your way if you are inspired.
When my laser was new I was inspired to laser all the things. After 7 years of that, my laser sits quietly in my arsenal of tools awaiting a need for its capabilities. It does feel almost as though there has been a loss, but I think that’s a natural consequence of a thorough exploration of technique.

As a creative person, I learned the thing about inspiration is that it is not a switch you can flip, it has to come from within. I also learned the quickest way to kill it is to turn it into a job. At least for me.


This. Me.


This happens to me when I’m too stressed or depressed, which can sometimes last months or even years. Really dries up the drive and excitement to create new things. Sometimes it’s impossible to eliminate the sources of stress, and I just make what I’m already making.

When I can get to a good place mental health wise, finding new problems to solve is my source of inspiration and kickstarts the creative drive again. I’ll either try to start some new business, or find a friend or relative doing something new and see if I can solve problems for them.

My wife sells at vendor events (craft markets, art shows, popup markets, etc). Made lots of stuff for her over the past year. Made these displays for coasters and stickers this week. They can be broken down to pack flat at less than 1" thick between shows. That’s the main problem to solve with all her displays – a 10x10’ tent worth of fixtures and product has to all fit into a compact car, and be easily transported between the car and the event, while also being sturdy enough to withstand customers and wind.


I so agree with the ‘job’ issue. I have all kinds of people encouraging me to sell on Etsy, etc. If I ever did that, it would become a job and I think I would lose all joy in what I’m doing. I love making things for people but you do run out of things to give away after a while :grinning:


Such a nice design for craft fairs!


I had intended to do a lot of craft fairs but now can hardly get out of the house. One thing that might inspire you is Magic Canvas. Not even specifically making designs but taking an idea and showing you various paths to take from an idea


My plus has been off for about 4 months now


So many replies! Thanks to you all!


This has been me since I got a promotion with more responsibility a couple of years ago. It started of just being too tired to do anything learning that new role and then boom, 2 years later when things are settled, you are in this type of rut now you have the time again. It’s been months for me feeling this way. My eldest is graduating this year and I wanted to make her something and couldn’t think of anything laser related. Then i realize, let’s make a crochet cover kinder egg container version of my child. Just by the thought of designing a little crochet doll from scratch, that finally me back into the designing mindset. Now I’m thinking of making a little laser display case for said doll

Sometimes you need a distraction of an offshoot idea to get you back into it.

For fun, this are minions I made for said children 5 years ago. Now I’m going to attempt to make mini versions of my children, one of each in a cap and grown for her graducation gift.

FYI - I live in Canada so the kinder egg containers are different then the USA version. For us it’s pill shaped contains inside a candy shell. Apparently the Kinder Eggs we have up here are illegial in the USA. If i remember, i’ll post pictures of my new project


I definitely hit that too - generally what broke me out was someone asking if there was any way I could make a thing for them. Honestly 90% of the time the thing was incredibly easy for me, but there was the motivation of being asked made me want to make it great - and once I got inspired to do that, the next project would occur to me, et al :slight_smile:

Moving in to the new house with all sorts of things I could personalize helped too.


I’m currently working on a project that, even though I have thought about doing it for a few years, I would probably never have started. Then I found out a buddy wanted to do the same (building a D&D related game table) and so with his enthusiasm for the project, and his willingness to help we started it a couple of weeks ago and are halfway through the project.

So, to get to the point, sometimes collaborating with someone can help with the inspiration and drive to do a project.


More great replies! I love this community!


Greetings -

For me, getting restarted usually begins with deciding that I want to work with a new material, or try a new technique. Other times, I need to suck it up, and spend some time learning a new skill entirely, which can enhance my GF projects - like painting, drawing, sewing, lighting, etc. And lastly, I’ll just try a different hobby, like gardening, which can be enhanced with the GF. One of my favorite, simple, projects to date is The Planter.




That’s really nice!


I’ve got a couple ideas and thoughts for you on this.

Schools and Charities
First, look at what you can make for your local school or church. They are often short on funds and might welcome something personalized. By giving things away, you also aren’t doing a “business” you might find saps you. So, how about personalized pencils for a classroom of first graders? Or more involved - do a program after school teaching kids to design and laser cut their projects?
Or making something a charity can auction off to raise money for its organization?

AI for Help
This is something new I’m seeing as a way to get past a creative roadblock. Go to an AI service, such as Google’s Gemini and query it for ideas. You’ll need an account; some are free, some paid. Try the ones free to start. Then in its query line, ask it "Act like a laser cutter hobbyist. Give me a list of 5 projects I could make. " The first part helps the AI give a more specific answer to what you are looking for. Keeping results to 5 let you narrow, and discard to ones that will work for you. Dont like the 5 that it has given you? tell it “give me 5 more suggestions” and it will provide more.

Look for ways you might make laser cutting a part of a larger program. I had read about 3D PLA style printers but wasn’t until last year that I finally made the leap to buying a machine. It’s been fun having a different tool to work with. And then next stop is how to combine. take a book nook. Some of the elements might be better suited for a PLA print; others faster and better suited for laser cut out. Imagine doing a Harry Potter Diagon Alley theme book nook that you could give to your local library?

[here’s a the first 5 suggestions I got from my AI inquiry:]

  1. Laser Cut Puzzles: A laser cutter is perfect for creating intricate puzzles with unique shapes and mechanisms. Your friend could design multi-layered puzzles, interlocking brainteasers, or even puzzles that combine cutting with engraving for a visual challenge.
  2. Personalized Coasters or Phone Stands: Functional and decorative, coasters or phone stands made from wood, acrylic, or leather can be laser cut with intricate designs, logos, or even custom messages. These are great options for small gifts or to add a personal touch to a friend’s home.
  3. Layered Wall Art: Laser cutting allows for precise layering of different materials to create stunning dimensional wall art. Your friend could design geometric patterns, combine wood with acrylic for a pop of color, or even create portraits with layered silhouettes.
  4. Light Up Signs or Decorations: By combining laser cutting with strategically placed LEDs, your friend can create unique light-up signs, holiday decorations, or even nightlights with custom shapes and designs.
  5. Engraved Kitchen Utensils: Wooden spoons, cutting boards, or even rolling pins can be transformed into beautiful and personalized kitchen tools with laser engraved designs, names, or inspirational quotes.

Nice suggestions. Good for someone just starting out as well as those whose mojo has abandoned them.


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