Wanna Listen to some Pirates?

In the several years that I’ve been a part of this forum, many have been intrigued in one of my side hobbies where I perform at various Rennaisance Festivals as a singing (and playing) Pirate! The Glowforge has even played a HUGE role in making one of the instruments that we play on stage! (here)

Our band has been working for the past 5 months on recording our newest CD and we are nearing the end of the process. If you would like to support us, please consider backing our Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/scalesandcrosstones/scales-and-crosstones-4th-folk-and-shanty-album?ref=email). The risks are super low since we have completed nearly 80% of the CD already (all recording is done, we are currently most of the way through the mixing stage). This kickstarter is simply to attempt to make sure that we finish everything on time.

If you’d like to get a taste of what we sound like, you can listen to our previous two CD’s on bandcamp.com for free. Our Second CD, Trebled Waters, and our Third CD, For Ships and Giggles.

If you would like to hear us in person and you live close to the Mid-Atlantic region, come out to the Virginia Renaissance Festival in May and June, or the Maryland Renaissance Festival in August, September, and October!


Delightfully bawdy! :smile:


Just tossed a few bucks your way. Not much, but hopefully it adds up to something useful. Good luck!

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Thanks @Drea! Everything helps

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I didn’t want to leave my credit card info on Kickstarter, so I bought one of your digital albums instead. I really like your music! Got some good harmony and talent. Best of luck on the Kickstarter!


Thank you sooo much! We are over halfway to our goal, and really greatful to everyone who pitched in.

I believe that if you don’t want to put your credit card in there, I think there is an option to enter your Amazon account in order to have a secure way to pay, and I’ve heard there may be a Paypal option as well.

Update: The kickstarter is going well, but we still need more support to get to our goal. I have confirmed that you don’t necessarily have to put your credit card info into kickstarter, you can use paypal or amazon account to keep your accounts more secure.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over on bandcamp.com and I really hope you will enjoy the new CD once it comes out!

Latest Update: The Kickstarter is at 86%! There are only 7 more days left on the kickstarter. If we can push the kickstarter to some of our stretch goals, the Glowforge will get to play a part in the rewards tiers! Please consider taking a look at the kickstarter and helping us reach our goal, and maybe even some of the stretch goals.

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I like that kind of music! Hope my small donation takes you just that much closer to your goal! Wishing you much luck, matey!

OK. This will be the last time that I bug you all on this. Today is the last day and the Kickstarter is COMPLETELY funded. We’ve even hit our first Stretch Goal! We are only a little over $100 away from our second stretch goal which is an exclusive Pin that I’ll be making on the Glowforge.

If you want to support us and get some cool Glowforge Pirate Swag, you have to pledge at a level that will get a Physical Reward.

If interested, the kickstarter is here