Want to see all the projects you missed?


This search format was new to me. Should show you all the made on a Glowforge threads where you didn’t see the first post:



“No results found”

Either it didn’t work, or I’m here way too often.


Weird. I had to click the search button a second time to get results.

Try putting this in the search field:

#glowforge-project-examples in:first in:unseen


Happy birthday, @curt!




Nice! I have to click your link, and then click the “search” box (not the search in Google box) but turns out I missed way too many…and I was going to be productive today. So much for that!


Happy happy birthday @curt!


… my work here is done :wink:


Thank you.


Ooooh, almost missed it. Happy Birthday! :wink: :gift::tada::confetti_ball::boom: