Wanting to sell my GF Pro

Glowforge Pro Greater Houston Area

Purchased fall of 2020. Last used was winter of 2021 in great condition. Has been professionally cleaned & certified.

Any ideas on best ways to sell? TYIA

Professionally cleaned and certified by whom?

You can sell here (you might want to add price and whether or not you ship). Also facebook Glowforge groups and ebay.


There’s a local woman who travels to come clean and ensure everything is in excellent condition. I believe I found her on a GF forum. Summer Shigley is her name.
Selling for $4,000, but if I need to ship it then $4,500.

I don’t believe you can say that she’s ‘certified’…unless she works officially for Glowforge. As far as I know…there are no authorized technicians for Glowforge in the wild. We wish there were.


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