Warning for Unspecified Settings

I just tried to cut some parts with holes in them but I received no holes. I forgot to enter any settings for that step. The GFUI should warn you if you try to print something that has undefined settings, Can you Hopperize please? Thank you.

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Just on the flip side. A warning every time something was undefined would annoy the crap out of me because I have ignored steps on almost every file I print.


I’m going to have to go with @jbmanning5 on this one. I turn stuff off so often that I nither want or need this. What you need to do is what most all of us that have been at it a few months have done. Make a mental checklist, or if need be, a physical checklist. Double check everything that it is the way you want it and then go.

Also, you can fix things like this by not touching anything and then turn on what you forgot.


Yeah I don’t want a warning for Ignore. Just undefined.



good point this would make sure you have at least addressed each item in some way.


Thanks for the suggestion!