Continuing the discussion from User guide as pdf I’m curious to hear if you guys have come up with any materials this far. what made me think of it as a necessity (you may want to include a physical booklet that covers some of the does and don’ts when you ship) is that a large number of the people that purchased the Glowforge have not been active on the forums. There are some lurkers, yes, but if a large enough group of people have not been scouring the forums for information or doing appropriate research, they may not know some of the dangers associated with, say, chloride gas or being careful with some materials. Don’t want to add to the hopper too much, but I think it might be important


Yes, as far as I can tell, the wiki is still in @bailey’s hopper. I imagine that this will happen given the longer lead time. I would be interested in at least a purpose statement for the manual that I am sure will be included in each of the Glowforge boxes. Wondering if they are contracting that out or doing it in house. I guess I still have an opportunity to go back to the original git managed user guide.

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Yeah, even a slip of paper in the box that says, “check out the forum” or “go here” for safety information would ease my mind a little bit. not because I need it, but there are those that do. I have to say, it is kinda nice knowing that they’ve given themselves more time to accomplish what they need to

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I’m sure GF’s legal beagles won’t let it ship without proper warnings & disclaimers :eyeglasses:


Another thing I would like to see in the box for Pro units is a simple warning sign that people can put up until they get a chance to design and laser a cool permanent one. The only issue I see with that is that said sign might need more or fewer details in different jurisdictions, but it would be great if even us Pro orderers could get ours up and running legally within the 15 minute target that @dan threw out to @Tony yesterday. :grin:

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I think they would have to include LOTS of safety info with the box to stay ahead of law suits.

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