Warped Door

Has anyone ever had issues with a warped door?

I a am a teacher and I came back from Summer break finding that our glowforge door is warped…

How this happens I have no IDEA. Idk what someone could have possibly put on top of it to do that, it does sit in heat all summer, but I doubt that does anything.

Not sure what to do, I really cant send it back, we depend on this for over 400 students. The unit still functions currently, I just push the door to the side to close it now…

Anyone else ever encounter this?


Tlhe Glowforge case has flex built into it. To level the unit, make sure the table it is on is compleltely flat, then use index cards or a few pieces of paper to shim the corner causing the lid to not be flush. It is unlikely that injected molded plastic has actually warped.


But is there a permanent fix? I can easily push the door a little and close the unit.

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Yes, shim the corner until the unit is flat/level again.


The shim is the permanent fix because the units are built to deal with not perfect surfaces (since a lot of folks don’t have perfectly flat surfaces in their houses!)


Hi @cooperl. I’m sorry that you came back to your school and noticed some trouble with the lid not being completely flush with your Glowforge printer. I see that @dklgood and @deirdrebeth have given some great information and suggestions regarding the shim to correct any uneven surfaces that may lead to the lid trouble. I saw that you have not noticed any adverse effects as it prints, but if so, please let me know and I can gladly continue with any needed troubleshooting for that. Also, I wasn’t able to see a clear photo of the full unit and surface it is on. Feel free to post any photos of that for any further suggestions or troubleshooting to address this. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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