Warped-Grid Jigsaw Puzzles

If anyone can find the generator for this that would be great.

This was created by Vi Hart’s dad.


Hmm you might be able to do this with some deformation tools in inkscape/etc ?

Maybe lattice deformation?

Ah no envelope deformation would be what I’d go for:



How about something like this?

Used a free puzzle generator and imported that svg into inkscape and them applied the Whirl extension to it (extensions-modify path-whirl). The outside line did not move at the same rate as the inside pieces so i broke the object apart and deleted that and added a quick stroke to outside rounded the corners and then hit ctrl+L to smooth it out a bit.

Edit: made this one from the same puzzle but broke it app art first then tweaked the dimensions of the outer box to kinda match your shape above. then made the inner puzzle section smaller and inside that object and used the envelope extension.


I assume you probably already found his site but just in case you didn’t run across it here it is. lots of cool things in there hidden around.


Funny enough I watched his daughters youtube videos before I had a laser. I sent them to my daughter to encourage her interest in mathematics.


Engrave pattern/cut

Back side

Top side

I feel bad for who i give this to. Will be a headache to put together heh


I have been playing with a puzzle design that all the pieces are exactly the same. Tossing in a twist so they are almost exactly the same and then a pattern similar to yours would be most interesting.

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Sounds cool, you will have to send me a pic when you make it.

Maybe this will help.

If that’s too easy you can add to the insanity by using clear acrylic. (Seen on Etsy)

For the Illustrator peeps using the envelope distorts will do the bendy-wendy trick.


hehe i made one like that for a fiend the other day, will see if she is still a friend after trying to put it together lol


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