Warranty Information?

I’ve already ordered, so I hope this question has a positive outcome… : ) But I don’t see any information on the warranty that will come with the machines, nor what customer support is going to look like. I waited patiently for Glowforge to be released, mostly because I don’t want a complicated, sensitive Chinese-built machine. I wanted an American Made laser cutter, and the customer service that will most likely come with it… but I don’t see this addressed anywhere.

Excited beyond belief! Take my money…


Oh good, someone else asked! I meant to ask this question and completely forgot.

We’re working on this - our legal team waved their finger at the original language we wrote at the last minute, so we’re trying to get some information out for you on this asap.

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Thanks for the feedback Dan! I’ve been following Glowforge for some time and I am about ready to pull the trigger on one.

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…And done! Warranty is 6 months basic, 12 months pro. More details here:


You truly rock. Keep on keeping on…

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Standard warranties are typically at least a year. Why are you only providing a 6 month warranty? It implies that you expect difficulties with the product after use.

Thanks for the feedback - we’ll keep it in mind. We based this warranty on what we saw as typical in most crowdfunded hardware products, and believe it’s better than most, but it’s possible we’re wrong.


When you have $5MM in orders in the first few days and $9MM in funding, you guys have moved beyond standard crowdfunding. I don’t want to be negative here, because you guys are awesome, but the warranty gives me a bit of concern about the unit, especially considering the price point.

Its not stopping me from referring friends over, 2 so far, but it would make me feel a bit more warm and fuzzy if it was at least a year.


Totally fair, Scott. Really do appreciate your feedback.

I just left a reply in your warranty announcement, but figured I would leave a short note here as well.

I would expect the warranty for both the Pro and Basic models to be the same. From my understanding the differences between the two models are pass-through and a more powerful laser. So the build and materials of the product should be for the most part the same (maybe? you guys are the smart ones behind this AWESOME idea :smile:) . I only bought the basic model but now feel as if I will be getting a ‘cheaply’ made product with such drastic warranty coverage time frames, since I could not afford the “Pro” model.

OK! I grabbed this basic device for 2 main reason: 50% off and because I want to start engraving/cutting…

My next question is this. Since the pre sale is over, if anyone who wants to purchase this item will have to pay double. Right? Would the warranty double for the new buyers?

Pre order Basic $2000 / 6months warranty
Basic $4000 / 6 month warranty
Basic $4000 / 12 month warranty

Just asking out loud…

6 months only? Why not 12. Do you think the laser will last only 6 months or less?