Warranty ordering issues

Is anyone else having difficulty with getting their extended warranty payment to process?
I placed my order for my extended warranty but my order history in the Glowforge dashboard continues to state that there’s a problem with my order.
I have a PAID receipt and my credit card has been charged. I called my CC company and they state it is a problem on Glowforge’s end.
The first time I placed the order, the same thing happened except that I received an email from Glowforge VOIDing my order.
This time, I have no email confirming or rejecting my order. I have a receipt, but that’s not a warranty confirmation.
I have emailed and phoned Glowgorge support every few days since 12/15. Is there a reason that support has not responded to my emails and phone messages since December 15th?
Anyone else having similar issues?

You would have received an automated reply to your email within minutes of sending it - if you didn’t than either your email didn’t reach them, or theirs didn’t reach you. Check your spam folder, and add @glowforge.com to your whitelist.

If you did receive the automated response, then you should respond to it - since opening multiple tickets (by sending new emails and/or phoning) slows down their response time.

They will see this post and realize there’s an issue with communication so you’ll likely hear soon.


Thx, but it’s not in SPAM. I get all GF emails with no issue. The only response I got (up until an hour ago) was all automated with a phone number that is never answered or replied to when a message is left.
I did finally hear back. Most likely because I posted here. I was told that they received my messages and neglected to get a response back to me in a timely manner.

I see you already emailed us about this and we have been able to help resolve, so I’m going to close this topic.