Warranty Replacement Machine Also Having Cut Through Issues

I received my replacement machine due to it not cutting through all the way in a seemingly random way. I am still trying to figure out how to get it shipped back to FedEx because I can’t get it there myself. This machine is hardly cutting through . I am out of proof grade materials so I can’t even do the calibration which is what I think is the problem at this point. The further right it goes, the lighter and more uneven the cuts look and they don’t even remotely go through the back. The machine is level, I used a level on the surface it is sitting on and on the top of the machine itself. I emailed customer service and have not heard back yet, so I was hoping that I might have more luck in the forum, as it didn’t occur to me until just now. Please help. This is getting to be incredibly frustrating and expensive.

You don’t really need Proofgrade materials for the calibration. I did mine many months ago on non-PG masked mdf (cut to full bed size) that was 0.189" thick. Worked like a charm with spot on accuracy.

That said, the calibration should give great alignment but will do zero for cut through problems. It doesn’t reset focus height or map bed height across the cutting area. Your symptoms would normally indicate a variance in material height typical of warped material, the crumbtray not being in the divots, dirty optics, or some other gantry alignment issue.

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The calibration has no impact on the ability to cut through Proofgrade material

its obviously having calibration issues as well, so it was just something I thought was worth a shot. It cuts through on the left but not the right, and the images on the right don’t line up with the images on the screen once they are done.

The material is perfectly flat with zero flex and the material is not up on the edge the crumb tray? (fully down on the honeycomb?)

the materials I have don’t cover the entire bed (about an inch and a half too short)

this is what was happening on the previous machine with GF PG materials, and I did troubleshooting and photos with them and they decided it needed to be replaced. I set this one uptoday, made sure everything was clean, and as it goes across to the side it quits cutting through and looks uneven…like I was trying to cut the honeycomb pins thinking it was an uneven issue. They were all on the right and did not cut through at all! So I moved them to the left and they gut great, but even before taking it out of the machine you can see the difference in the cut lines/darkness of the markings.

As @gewubs said, calibration has nothing to do with cutting ability.

Two suggestions:

  1. Making certain that the material tray is perfectly flat and level – no debris in the dimples underneath and the tray is seated in all four dimples.

  2. Making certain that the material itself is flat. My experience is that there’s “flat” then there’s FLAT . A very common gotcha is that even a visually undetectable warping of the material can cause issues out at the corners. If you tap on your material and hear a click or an hollow sound, it’s not FLAT .

Your best bet is to cut out a dozen or so Honeycomb Bed Holddown Pins and use them to make absolutely sure your material is firmly secured. I cut out a few from draftboard scraps leftover from various jobs – you cannot have too many of these. :sunglasses:

My cutting success skyrocketed when I adopted these as part of my workflow.

Best of luck!

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I tried to cut some pins to ensure it was even, but they were all on the right side of the material since that it was what blank, and none of them cut. I got two cut on the other side. so I at least have some to help with making sure it is flat? I did have it off while I googled and facebooked the issue and decided to do the honeycomb pins, but I can do it again! Thanks for helping. I am just so frustrated. I got my first machine almost a month ago and used it for a few days, and then had to exchange it!

Yes I am trying to cut the honeycomb to help but was not able to get them all to cut. Only 3 of the 12 so far. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Can you flip the material so that you can cut them on the left?

There is a small chance that you received two defective machines. It is certainly possible. The odds are against it. I guarantee that support has replaced a number of fully functional machines because the difficulty in finding a solution with a new user.

My suggestion is to print The Gift of Good Measure on a small scrap piece of PG in the bottom right and the same on the left to see if there is truly a difference. A small piece of material is likely to lay perfectly flat. Make sure the red laser dot used for focusing before a print hits the material.


Thanks I am doing this now. I did try cutting the honeycomb pins a few minutes ago on a small scrap at the bottom right and they did not cut through. I do not understand what the red laser dot it?

I did do that and used the ones I cut to hold down a small scrap on the right and those did not cut either. Trying the gift of good measure.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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