Warranty what's covered?

Will the warranty cover the filter since it is a separate order and likely will arrive separate from the basic or pro?

If the laser is rated at 2000 hours and I use my pro so much that I burn out the laser every 3 months will I get a new laser 3 times in that year?

If the laser is rated at 2000 hours and I use my Glowforge roughly 100 hours a year, but it fails at 380 days will you replace the laser?

I expect the mechanics of the filter are covered but the consumables wouldn’t be.

I highly doubt they would replace the laser 3 times. Once after 2000hours maybe, but it’s not uncommon for cars to be offered with “7 year warranty or 50,000miles” for example so I’d expect something like that in the small print. And I wouldn’t expect GF to replace a laser if you barely use it in a year but maybe the laser manufacturer might…

Yes, the warranty covers the filter. Yes, if you run your tube around the clock and toast it, we’ll replace them for you. No, if you’re outside the warranty period, then you have to pay for tube replacement.