Warranty when buying a new machine

Just wondering if the extended warranty is available if you purchase a new machine? It doesn’t show up on the site under the warranty tab.

Yes, but I’m not sure of the mechanic. It may be that they send you an email once you’ve registered your machine.

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I just bought another one last week and it comes with a warranty but no extended was offered.

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for reaching out!

Right now, our new Extended Warranty offer is only given to customers who have an eligible Glowforge in their possession before 12/31/2021.

My team hasn’t yet been made aware of the plans for Extended Warranty offerings in 2022, but we’re excited at the possibilities and looking forward to having more information to provide to customers like yourself. I wish I had more details for you right now.

Please let me know if I can be of further service. I’ll be glad to help!