Was This Made On A Glowforge?



Sorry, I don’t have my Glowforge yet but that does not mean we have to sit on our hand. I made this sign with my Dewalt Scroll Saw and yes I did have fun doing it.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 18th, 2017

Thats nice lookin’!

but now I’m curious… Dark letters from a scrollsaw… did you use two layers, or are they painted in/colored?


I cut and glued a backing board that I painted red.


That looks fantastic! (Dude don’t need no stinkin’ laser!) :sunglasses:


Looks like an inlay and that would be crazy good. So the letters are cutouts and the color comes from a layer underneath and not inlays? It looks like it’s done with a calligraphy pen! Nice work.


Very nice!


I keep wanting to pick up a scroll saw. I feel like that is a ‘in the next few pays’ type thing


Wow, that’s a lot of work on a scroll saw. I just purchased a used Dewalt scroll saw and stand last night. Your project has given me yet another idea of what I can do on that machine.


Nice job! I’m a big fan of that wood. What is it?


looks fantastic - great precision :thumbsup:


It is Poplar and stained with Minwax Sedona Red.


Really beautiful. I’m not generally a fan of reddish finishes, but I’m really in love with this look. Well done!