Wasted time, materials, and money

Thank you for all those suggestions. We have tried both the calibration tool and my husband created a jig quite a while back, I think after seeing that suggested in this forum. We were also not fully successful with that. Might be worth trying again.

Still very much appreciate your kindness and advice.


I do realize there will be a learning curve with whatever machine we purchase. I guess I just didn’t anticipate that nearly 3 years later, we’d still be on this curve. :wink:

And unfortunately the material that was ruined today wasn’t GF material, otherwise that’s helpful information I was not aware of (that they’ll replace any GF ruined material if it was the machine’s fault) so thank you for that. I had no idea.

And yes, it’s becoming clear that perhaps this forum may have helped with some of these, although I do still firmly believe that many of these speed-bumps we’ve hit are not due to user error (the random halt to my project today after it was more than halfway complete for seemingly no reason at all, for instance).

Thanks for the info and advice. Much appreciated.


I’ll take a look at this. Thanks so much, I appreciate it.

This thing costs less than most machines with similar capabilities. It’s not a Cricut.

The jig method is pretty failproof, even if your lid camera was completely out of commission. I encourage you to read up on it more in the forum, there are several posts about it. @MyDogsThinkImCrazy’s crumbtray grid method is also a great alternative.

I’m glad you’ve calmed down. Please continue to be nice and fellow users will be happy to help you.


Yes… :smile: you absolutely did say that! I was just reinforcing you…not that you needed it. You be the belt and I’ll be the suspenders. :grimacing:


Your image didn’t strike me as an example of what she was talking about…maybe I missed something there. Otherwise, yes…I did reiterate and I always sort of hate it when people do that…10 posts / answers to a question that all say the exact same thing…just worded differently.

When that happened to me with the cutting board I used as an example above, it was because my internet dropped momentarily. First and only time (so far) that it’s happened…but, that’s alll it took. And, I got absolutely no error notice whatsoever, either.


I had less than a half millimeter top and bottom to squeeze the cut into and even the slightest rotation would more than eat the reserve away. It actually took close to an hour and many Set Focus commands to get it that perfect, so I was more impressed with the scrap than the piece that was the bottom of a box that had to be the exact size, so there was no wiggle room.



Well, you’re right. I guess I was thinking more of trying to align an engrave, so…

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You might want to try this method I use to get alignment/realignment perfect every time.


First I want to say that all of your Struggles are real and we have all been thru them.
The key was the help of the Community as the Glowforge really did leave it up to them to make Glowforge Successful .

If I look at all the struggles we have seen over the years , the ones you have faced are really just the Learning curve of using a Glowforge for Business use.

Few days ago they compromised the Menu to print and the Community found the work around .

Today the COPY AND PASTE is not working on any of my designs on the Windows.

I have two machines : I am always one step away from pulling the trigger on another more pro laser , but Glowforge always manages to just do enough to get me by or I should say the community does .

Hope that helps

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