Watch your speed!

Got a chance to engrave a coaster for the first time today since the speed increases fielded. This is on a Pro unit FYSA. More speed?! YAY! I want some of that, in fact, I want ALL of that! Don’t you?

So I cranked it up to about 3500 and did a run. I got multiple iterations of what appears to be a belt slipping.

I checked all of them, but especially the one that would cause my symptom, the belt under the gantry. I emailed support and got to reading, and found a post where @Jules recommended working your way up the speeds to troubleshoot for someone who was having my identical issue. She recommended, and soundly so, to drop the speed back closer to 1000 and see if the engrave succeeded that way. I figured I’d give it a try. I cut the speed and power back to 1100 and waited for the calculation, figuring since 3500 speed was 19:10, 1100 speed would have to be 40 minutes or more. Not so. I got an estimate just over 17 minutes. What gives?

What I figured out by watching the machine was that with the higher speed, the head was slewing a good 4 inches to the left and right of my 4" target (the slate coaster), just to get the head moving at 3500. It moves very slightly more than 4" total at the 1100 speed, and saved so much time not slewing around it was about 10% faster to slow down. Oh, and the print came out perfectly BTW. :grin:


:slightly_smiling_face: Yup! That’s right.

Funny isn’t it? (There are large engrave use cases where it is actually faster to use the high speeds, but for smaller engraves, the amount of time for the head to slow down out at the sides eliminates any advantage to using the higher speeds.) :woman_shrugging:

I keep it at slightly over 1000 speed for small or narrow engraves. It’s actually quicker. If you’re working on a full sheet, the higher speeds and Engrave in Margin can save some time.

They’re still fine-tuning this, so we should expect to see improvements down the road. (They know about the skipping problem and I imagine that’s going to get much better over time.)


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.