Water Pump?

Hey y’all. I have a loud noise coming from the (water?) pump located on the left side of my Glow Forge Pro, and there is no laser energy. Can anyone tell me what the liquid is used for, and if I need to fill the canister? If I do, what liquid do I need to put in there to get this noise to stop? Thanks for all your help!

Is this the first time you have turned on the machine?

If so, there can be some gurgling and bubbles for a while as the air bubbles it picks up during shipping work their way out…but after you let it run for a while, they should work their way out and it will look like the tube is empty. (It’s filled with liquid, but it’s a closed system. If you continue to see bubbles or hear gurgling, there might be an air leak in it, and you’d need to let support know.)

But it should settle down after half an hour or so. Leave it running for that long. If it still gurgles, let them know.

@Jules, thank you for your reply. No, it’s not the first time I’ve turned it on. I’ve had this GF Pro since February. It’s been great!! Ha, up until now…

Ohhhhh. Check with a flashlight all along the length of the tube, even under the flaps at the side. There might be a hairline crack.

Other than that…just see if support has any ideas. Sorry, that wasn’t much help.

@Jules, no worries. Your reply was helpful. I’ll take a look at the line, that’s a good idea. There’s only a centimeter of liquid in the little reservoir tank, so it must have gone somewhere. I emailed support as well so that they could guide me through their process. Thanks again!


So you know for next time, posting in this section opens a support ticket, so there’s no need to also send email to support. Duplicate tickets just slow them down. :slight_smile:

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Ohh wow, that’s a really great feature, I didn’t know. Thank you for sharing. They definitely have a redundant ticket, then, but I’ll know for next time :slight_smile:


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.