Yes. But just a request that I test on :proofgrade:. I sent a pic of Test 1 as soon as it finished (a couple hours ago). They said they’re going to do the same test.


Major bummer. Sorry to hear the waves persist. :persevere:


Okay, I’m running a test on your initial jpeg.

Let me ask you this…do you have the machine on a very stable table?


or try rotating the glowforge 90 degrees?


Mine came out perfectly straight in both directions. The reason I asked him about the stability of the table he has it on. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wait a minute… Am I having dejavu or making things up, or did someone else have this problem too, a while ago. I swear I remember wavy glowforge ruler lines. But I also remember Berenstein Bears, so I’m not a great rememberer.

I shall go forth and search.


Pretty sure this is what I was thinking of. But I don’t know how to do the fancy post people do, so ya just get a link :blush:

I learned! Thanks, @rhenley


You can put the link on its own line and it will automatically fancify itself.


My wife breast feeds and pumps, and we supplement with formula. Two babies consume more that she can produce


Confirmed. It’s so stable that as I watched and felt very carefully for any shaking or anything, I felt silly for even questioning it. It’s that stable.

Thanks for the test! I’m glad you’re not seeing the issue!

Look at that. Funny thing is, I’d already read that thread back in December, I guess, and completely forgot about it. I don’t see that Marion actually resolved his waviness. Not sure it bothered him very much. @marmak3261, care to chime in about that? Frankly, up until yesterday it hadn’t bothered me. But that was really the first time I’d done something that made the issue so obvious. It really shocked me when I saw it. And then when I showed my son, his first question was “Daddy, was this hand-drawn or something?” I smiled and said “No. I see it too, though. And I’ve already contacted Glowforge about it.”

Speaking of which, @Rita’s gotten back to me. Nothing much to say as of yet… just that she’s a couple more questions for me that she’ll ask sometime before Tuesday. I told 'er to go have a great weekend. She doesn’t need to deal with my crap right now! :slight_smile:


Apparently you discovered that Glowforging a Tardis will actually result in time travel… I believe @dan had that one in the hopper…


:flushed: Seriously though—that’s crazy! Seems like a weird alignment issue—it’s not like when the laser was going back and forth it just randomly continued the line a certain distance away from where it was in the previous swipe. Everything’s still connected so whatever it is the :glowforge: is incrementally shifting everything. It’s almost as if theres a ripple in your :glowforge:'s “digital trapping”.

Now I’m gonna have to run upstairs and double-check all of my creations and run a test or two.


Good point. We really are seeing a wave as opposed to just randomness in the vertical lines.

Heh. Here… If you want my test lines…


Nice outfit


Finally getting to this. Looks somewhat like the wavy lines I have experienced and which were on @macphee’s first BAMF Glowforge. Yours have a longer wavelength it appears to me in comparison of the rulers. I guess we’ll stay tuned for the response from the Mothership on these.

I have a lot of things that I’d like to do but am waiting on my forever unit that I hope doesn’t have the waves. It seems to be an artifact of construction from what I can recall. Perhaps how the rails are torqued.


I have seen similar wavy cuts in sheet material (MDF) recently on my CNC Router as well. Then, I spotted a set screw on the waste board. Apparently, a set screw had come lose and dropped onto the waste board. After fastening the screw I checked every machine screw fastener on every axis. The process wasn’t enjoyable, but everything seems to cut as intended. So, I am wondering if the hardware that connects to a rail needs tightening on the Glowforge too?


Welp! I’ve a screwdriver. :wink:
Wouldn’t it be great if Support gets back to me with a “Go give this screw a half-turn and you’ll be all set.” :slight_smile:

Meanwhile I’m going to pretend I have no issue, but also be mindful of straight vertical lines. I have a couple of wedding gifts I need to make, but I can hold off until next weekend if it’ll make a difference. Otherwise, business as usual, I think.


It would be interesting to see a set square against the horizontal lines to see if they are exactly horizontal. I am wondering if the gantry is lagging on one side and then catching up. That would make the horizontals lean and so the verticals to get slightly closer together. Not sure it could make so much difference to the verticals without being completely off on the horizontals though.


I’m not a genius at this kind of thing. So I’m trying to figure out what I could use as a reference for that. I presume my material was dropped in at an imperfect angle (although it looks pretty damn close) so I don’t know what I’d measure against.


The edge of the material to see if they are all at right angles, or at least all slightly off by the same amount.


Oh, right. I get it. It should be a consistent angle no matter what. Okay. Now… Do I have a set square… Maybe the kids have a protractor. I’ll check my toolbox now and the kids when they bother waking up.