Wax Filler Using Crayons for 3D Engrave

I tried a 3d engrave on some wood I cut from my yard, and then used a heat gun to melt a colored crayon to add color into the area. Since crayons are typically paraffin wax and non-toxic color pigments, thought this might be an interesting way to add color to a piece.


Nice! It has such an organic feel.

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Very cool. I have a set of waxed paints that I absolutely love.

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There are several youtube videos were they make river tables with crayons then poor epoxy over the top to protect them. They melt various colors n place to give it a rainbow effect colors.


Looks ready to hang in a cabin.

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Nice! I read this post 3+ years ago and I think about it frequently. You’ve just shown me it works in wood too! I really gotta try it some day :slight_smile:


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