We All Have Our Demons

Another twist-style pop up card based on Lucy Bellwood’s demon from her 100 Demon Dialogues book.


I don’t understand how this works - is there a video?

Awwwww, isn’t he cute?


If you are asking how it opens an closes, it works like the card in the video I posed here:

If you are asking how the paper gets cut and folded to make that happen … there will be a tutorial video at some point soon.


Yes, he is indeed … Very cute!

That’s adorable!

Still baffled - look frward to the tutorial

Aforementioned tutorial video (complete with a design you can cut yourself) covered in this post:

/cc @sqw

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Terrific. Just saw your post. It’s top of my list of things to do in the morning. (It’s nearly midnight here in the uk)

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