We have the first factory-produced Pro units in the office

Despite the hotly contested contents of the March update, I was pretty happy about this line:[quote=“dan, post:1, topic:6368”]
We have the first factory-produced Pro units in the office
And I thought this was great. I’m encouraged that we have reached another milestone

I know that a lot of folks are upset, with good reason.

At the risk of sounding too optimistic, I’m pretty happy with most of the update. Anybody else sticking around and hoping that there is a reasonable solution to the tube problem by the time shipments start?


Absolutely. Does the tube thing make me antsy? Yes. Is there a solution out there when the team can get their brains off of producing units like they promised? I’m going to optimistically say yes there likely is something. Pro units in house is a good thing but moving to a new production line is a GREAT sign


Very true, there was a lot of positive news in the update.

I’m happy to hear that they have gone to a bigger production line.


I’m way too stubborn to pull out now. I will evaluate again at shipping time.

If I end up with a $4,000 paperweight, I will have the most expensive and story-filled paperweight of anyone I know. And I will keep it in sight as a reminder of the fact that I never advise people to buy first-gen stuff. The opposite, in fact.

That is a far less expensive learning experience than a DUI, and there are way more people who gamble with that one on a nearly daily basis than have ever even heard of a glowforge.


over all I am happy about the update and trying to not read to deep into the tube thing as there is to much unknown but yes. I can almost taste lasers !!!


Sticking around. I expect they’ll find a solution for the tubes that is more equitable, especially after all this feedback.

If only we had some sort of nano-precise machine to create a finely precise installation jig of the new tubes?


I don’t think we’ll hear about a solution by the time shipments start. I’m hoping there is but I suspect it won’t be until early next year that we hear about a solution. Definitely sticking around and as I ordered a Pro I’m very happy about that statement. As the new line is starting this week I’m even prone to speculating that we’ll see some actual production units shipping to customers sooner than later.


They have had 2 years to think through / sort out the replacement tube problem including having announced it was resolved by their wunder-kind engineer. If it is announced that this is the situation then i do not think there is going to be a solution within a year of release.

As someone else said one would be relying on sunshine and sparkles to stick with it in the hope of a quick resolution to such a major problem


Well, there’s always a silver lining. :joy:


Having to ship the GF back and forth to replace the tube is going to create some problems. Hopefully, none of us will have machines damaged / lost in transit. Hopefully, none of us get a different machine back than the one we sent in. And hopefully, the turnaround is quick so that those who are using the machine for commercial purposes don’t get hurt too much in the pocket from the down time.

Would it be great if there was an easy and safe way for the tube to be field installable by users? Yep. Maybe, as a middle ground, GF could work a deal with Best Buy or some place like that where you could take the GF locally to have a new tube installed. But there has to be a critical mass of users for that to work.

But here’s what I think the GF can do to help with the planning of the tube swap. They should have software built in that advises the # of hours or whatever of life the tube may have left in it. So you are going along happily using it over time, and you see that number get less and less, and you can figure when it is you may need to send the machine in for a new tube. And you make sure you don’t schedule big jobs that might conflict with that down time.


I’m definitely not happy about the tube issue and I haven’t jumped in on the discussion because my want of the Glowforge outweighs the tube issue for now… I figure if I really have to drive my Glowforge down to Seattle HQ, I could. Plus - I would like more information on what other options/solutions if any will come up.

I admit after seeing the Zelda Switch Holder by @chadmart1076 - it lessened the blow of the tube bad news…(For me anyway)

Me in 2 years “Yes US Border Officer - My purpose of entering your country is to bring my laser to Seattle and have its tube changed.” (Nothing wrong with that!?)


@bdm, their magic will solve the camera issues outside of the center of bed, and also will take care of all the features that have not been demoed.

What makes you think that that will not be the case? /sarcasm


I can deal without the sparkles, but we all rely on sunshine.
If that thing burns out, no one will be getting a glowforge.


The pro units in office is great news. Hopefully they will be seeing some external testing on those very, very soon. :wave:

Sticking around but I feel it is imperative a solution is offered before these things start being sent out as production units.

Believe it was Ghandi who said, “faith must be enforced by reason… when faith becomes blind it dies.” The statement of delivery plus 12 months to figure it out is blind faith to me.

As for some of the comments being made - telling it straight is one thing, using that as cover or as an excuse to be rude, call names, etc is something else…


I agree.
I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be mad; but there is time.
Courtesy and optimism always feel better to me.
Thus this thread.

In light of recent events, who isn’t happy to hear that[quote=“dan, post:1, topic:6368”]
We’re also excited to be joined by Spencer Worley, our new VP of Hardware Engineering - an industry veteran who’s created products ranging from the Amazon Echo to the Sphero BB-8 robot.


IF there is any time left to figure out a solution, it is the date that GF sends the emails to collect shipping information.

It is NOT “delivery + 12 months”. Waiting until after users have taken delivery to come up with a workable solution is too late. Users must be aware of the solution to this BEFORE they agree to have a GF shipped to them so they can be assured they will not be left with a paper weight (or a very expensive service bill).


I agree. But that date hasn’t come yet.
For me, I’m trying to remember that I have calmed down over GF announcements twice, and that I can calm down over this, too.
I know its different; but I can take some time to allow logic back in.
I don’t have to cancel when I am emotional. Nobody does.
If it is economically in your best interest to cancel, then do it.
If it is still in your best interest to hang on, then do it.
If you don’t have enough information to make that choice, then wait until you do.

I think that more than half of us will want a reasonable plan for replacing our tubes before we actually supply a shipping address.
If the Glowforge team didn’t know that yesterday, they know it today.
I’m going back on topic.
There’s good news in the news…

The design catalog is in beta, and we have seen some great things there.


Save you GF carcass when it finally dies, with the story behind it, our originals may be worth as much as an original APPLE 1.

Too bad the first units won’t be made of wood with hand soldered boards, and signed by @dan and staff.


but then I would be torn between keeping it or selling it…
I guess that would not be the worst situation to find myself in.


They haven’t shipped yet, things my change. :scream:

[quote=“mad_macs, post:18, topic:6391, full:true”]
Save you GF carcass when it finally dies[/quote]

Oh, and I would be careful about saying that anywhere but in the GF forums. :wink: