We have the first factory-produced Pro units in the office

I’ll be here! sticking it out for my Pro’s, I’m three and a half hours away from the mothership though so I have a different view.


As a pro purchaser I am very happy about all the good news. Just sour about how nonchalantly the bad news was delivered and about the lack of a plan (or desire to create one) heading toward the finish line. Hopefully everyone takes a minute to breathe & realizes some other tube replacement solution is key prior to shipping these things.

But… Yayy pro units & long-term, high-volume production lines!


I’m all in for now.

The only thing that will stop me is if GF announces that they absolutely will not sell the tubes to users for them to install themselves, even without official support.

Otherwise, I thought everything else in the announcement was awesome!


You mean just like a replaceable tube was offered…yeah, any trust is gone now. If their is no clear replacement strategy at shipment, I’m out.


Yes. Basically the only difference being that they would not provide the tech support for installing the tube. Considering my background in product design, tooling, and writing procedures, I am not concerned with tackling it myself.


Not exactly. There’s no mention that you’ll be able to buy their custom tube. Nor is there any commitment that another generic tube will work in place of GF’s custom tube.


I think that Dan just said that they weren’t going to sell tubes to users because if “liability”. If he said he’d sell tubes to users with a release form, then we’d be having a much different discussion.


Yep…either they need to get a reseller of the tubes, if they won’t sell them, or figure out how we can fit standard tubes…neither is a great scenario, and once competition picks up, will there be enough of a market for their proprietary tubes for a reasonable cost to the consumer?
If it’s liability related, there should be no surprise and they had plenty of time to figure it out, it’s not that they had a their friendly neighborhood lawyer for only the last month


Well that was quick:

Nice to see Dan is listening. Helps restore the faith :relaxed:


No, I covered that in a previous comment :slight_smile: [quote=“mpipes, post:23, topic:6391”]
The only thing that will stop me is if GF announces that they absolutely will not sell the tubes to users for them to install themselves

I dont think he said they wouldnt sell tubes at all, he said they would not support it. To me this means you can get the hardware, but you’re on your own as far as installation.

And speculation ends! :slight_smile:


yeah i am surprised but deeply appreciative that they responded thus


I want my GF signed, laser signed :boom:


Im happy to say you were a little off :innocent: [quote=“Jamie, post:7, topic:6391”]
I don’t think we’ll hear about a solution by the time shipments start.


I’m just happy that the pitchforks are being put away and the crowd is dispersing.


I’d love to talk about the whole update. Apparently, the post about discussing the update wasn’t the place to do that. Maybe here.

(Took of the end bit about the tube I had since that is well covered elsewhere.)


I really liked that, too. That is a really big milestone, and big news.
I really liked hearing about the factory worker that has a pre-order. That’s gotta be so cool to have such a personal understanding of what you’re buying.

Actually made me think of Henry Ford pricing his automobiles and his employee salaries so that the guys making his cars could afford to own them.

I think of the Glowforge as a bit of a luxury item that wouldn’t be readily available to everybody; but really my family’s claims that it’s way too expensive of a toy come down to priorities. After all, R.V.s and most vacations cost more.


That darn shielding!

I would have liked it but I’m out! here you go :heart:


Yeah, that and the Pro showing up (as you mentioned) really seem to indicate that a finish line is in sight.

I certainly would not be in this boat if the pricing was at estimated full retail. At least, not a Pro machine. It definitely makes the technology more accessible financially and adds to that ease of use that k40s and other cheap lasers don’t offer. Just the combination required to get me interested in something I didn’t know I needed.


Hey @dan, can we please request a photo of this Pro? Preferably showing the pass through slot. #ProGlamourShot


Have to second that. It will be very nice to see a living pro, even if it just in the zoo and not yet in the wild, and yes I know they look almost identical, but it’s an emotional thing :smile: