Weak wifi signal on the glowforge

How can I strengthen this signal? When my PC searches for the glowforge wifi, the signal is one single bar. My wifi that the glowforge is on is on full strength, and my PC is on hardwired ethernet. The glowforge is maybe 10 feet away with a clear line of sight as both the PC tower and glowforge are lifted on a table.

There may be interference on the 2.4 GHz wifi channel that is in use. Your Glowforge can be completely screwed up by interference that other devices shrug off.

I suggest going into your router settings and changing the 2.4 GHz wifi channel. It is complicated but the best channels are generally 6 and 11. Try each of them and see if things improve.


The glowforge WiFi is only used for initial setup. Once completed, it connects to your regular WiFi network like any other device.


You can get an idea of the traffic on those channels with a WiFi analyzer app, it will show the networks in range and the individual channel load.


It should be, but I’ve had to reconnect it using the wifi setup app every other time I use it. When I do click on the Glowforge wifi, the signal is at 1 strength so I wonder if that is why?

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