Weather and the filter hose out the window

That’s a very good point

This awesome. Most likely what I’ll end up doing. Thank you for posting this picture.

They make a ton of different types of dryer vent hoods - be they louvered, flapped, etc. Most any of those should work to keep the elements out.

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I’m very glad I asked. Thank you for bringing that up to me, I definitely didn’t think about using something so useful.


Since I’m in Utah too this is something I should probably think about. :snowflake:

Great ideas, everyone!


Hey Utah 'Forgers - I didn’t realize that there were more than about 3 of us!

I’m also planning to vent outside. I’m fortunate enough to have an overhang in my current home. We’re fixing to move house right after Christmas, though, so the custom Glowforge vent in my office will probably not get to actually vent a Laser.

Consider adding yourselves to the map:

(use a major intersection nearby to avoid guests :smile: )

EDIT: @mspricethelibrarian I found you. It’s been a bit since I checked the map for neighbors.


Yes! I discovered the map recently and it was fun to see so many of us around! Users’ group? :grin:

I got a filter, but am hoping to vent outside on occasion.


Yes. I think a User Group is in order. Utah Glowforge User Group… UGFUG.
The name needs work. :laughing:
I’ve never been in a useful user group before; but I bet we could come up with useful and fun.


How hot is the GF exhaust? Because I’m thinking it would help if you could put a heat break at the end of the flex hose but before the part that goes out the window.

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I vent my CCL through the shop roof, easily done, there’s no heat to speak of and pretty sure any wall/window variation of the same will work. Don’t expect the exhaust to keep itself clear of snow, it won’t.

I’m using clothes dryer vent ducting inside the shop


I like the name! :grinning: Now hurry and get approved for a pre-production unit so we can meet, will ya? :grin:


It would be my distinct pleasure!


These ideas are getting better and better. That makes a lot of sense. Perhaps when we get a house. I don’t think the apartement wants us messing with the roof. Thank you for the picture.

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Seriously though. Someone get approved so we can all meet and oogle over the forge.

I also like the name. But seriously we should all keep a group going. Change the state of Utah one Glowforge at a time.

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I mean, if one of the Utahns has to take one for the team…:blush:


I think Dan should take this one to heart and send us one out to Utah. We have a volunteer for tribute. @dan


We might have 3. :wink:


I’ve been thinking about an inline blast gate. I do need a vent cover to shed water on the outside of mine. What I have designed but not cut yet is a simple way to mate the male window opening to female vent hose. It will be a two meeting plates as magnetic quick coupling so I can quickly remove hose and shove in a Styrofoam plug to keep wind/air out.

What concerns me more is that with the styrofoam in the Windows, there is no security in the house until I put a plate on the outside. Thinking about that issue.


First, there’s no real security with acrylic or even glass, let’s be honest :slight_smile:

But if you use your blast gate and put a pin in it on the inside bottom by drilling a hole in the bottom frame, just don’t go all the way thru the outside frame, you can drop the gate and put the pin (10p nail?) into it and it’s not going to be slid up so a miscreant could stick his arm into the hole and reach around for a window latch or something.

Or if you really want to be…ummm…careful…you could sharpen a bunch of 6p finishing nails and insert them into the tube at an angle so they act like those chinese finger traps except with teeth :imp: