Web interface organization

I’ve had my Glowforge for a very short time but the two issue that I would like to make a suggestion about is the organization in the web interface and the Upload layout area.

As you are connected to your home interface could there, be a way that you could create folders to organize the items/jobs that you have in your own personal catalog?

Second suggestion is when your working on the upload and layout of what your about to make. Having the option to add a ruler or a guide to help align multiple items within the bed or job. I know that you (Glowforge) was to to keep the interface fast and light but a few “tools” that help in the positioning of jobs would be greatly appreciated.

Again i’m Only 5 days in with this and working on my 10th hour of actual cutting and production time but these are some of my first thoughts.


I was just getting ready to ask about folders. I do hope they make it possible. I can envision a lot of confusion without them.

I think folders have been requested a few times, and been added to the hopper. It would definitely be helpful as the number of projects increase.

I’m not sure I follow this one. You mean in addition to the ruler at the top?

Numerical positioning has been requested a few times; which would allow you to position items by entering the coordinates, similar to how you can in Illustrator, Inkscape, etc.

These are good suggestions that many of us want.

Yes i see the ruler at the top and down the side… But what i was requesting is more like a guide that I can pull from the ruler to align my work as I make duplicates of the same item. This way I can minimize my material loss and keep projects close together.

Thanks for all of your responses.

I don’t think I’ve seen that specifically requested; although, there are thousands of messages I haven’t read. I really like this idea.

I’d just like them to make the existing rulers a lot bolder and easier to see!

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Like the rulers and guides in most illustration packages? Instead of trying to align and duplicate in the GFUII, just do it in your illustration app, and export the whole thing, aligned duplicates and all…

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Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve captured them and shared them with the team.