Website Issues

I’m using Firefox on Win7.

Went to I was signed in (don’t know if it matters.) Went to the FAQs. Went to When will my glowforge ship. Clicked on the “you can see your estimated ship date” link. Got a 404 does not exist error. Then I went to the bottom left hand side of the page and clicked on FAQ and was presented with a login page to zendesk.

I’m fine. I found what I needed. I don’t need a response. Just thought your webmaster may want to know about these errors.



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App is having issues too. (Edit: seems it was just a little slow, although it’s been preparing my design for a few minutes now…)

I just checked and my account details loaded right up for me.

Mine loaded fine when I clicked on my email address in the upper right corner. Following the steps in the OP is when I encountered the error. To verify, did you follow the steps in the OP and if so what browser and OS? If you just clicked on your email address, then thanks for the help.

I saw that too while navigating around waiting for the forge during the indefinite cool down.

I am also having problems with the app. Stuck on rendering design…

Thanks for letting me know. I’m looking into this. I’m glad you are able to access what you need another way.

@scottmillersb, I see you have another post on this issue so we will address it there! Thanks.