Website upload art work, not accurately rendering SVG


It’s a problem in Chrome too.

Couple things to note: the blue and red rectangles are still Inkscape rectange shapes and haven’t been turned into paths. That can sometimes be an issue. IN this case though it isn’t. The margin around the bitmap is a bit tight in relation to the red rectangle, so there may be some interference, but resized the rectangles and that didn’t make a difference.

Have you tried loading the graphic separately and then uploading the rectangles for cutting/scoring, or start with the SVG of the rectangles and them import/upload/place the graphic in the operations space of the GFUI?

This is interesting.


I copied and pasted your assets into a new Inkscape document and resaved as a plain SVG and it works fine in the UI.

Something got finagled in the code somewhere, I’m thinking. Whether it was a CSS overflow option, or, I dunno… but that seems to work just copying it all over into a new document.

And you just helped me realize what an idiot I am with Inkscape. I have the toughest time with it.


Looking at the SVG code that @bjgarcia posted…

The SVG is an “Inkscape SVG”. It should have been saved as a “Plain SVG”.


Totally missed that. Good eye.


Yes the forum strips out style sections and CDATA.


Thanks for catching that @jbmanning5.

@bjgarcia, please let us know if it helps!


I definitely tried to save it as a “Plain SVG”, now that I’m no longer on a security restricted computer, I’m able to use illustrator and I no longer have the problem. I would suggest the website support Inkscape for other users that will run into this problem, as that is the software that is suggested to be used.


I’m glad you were able to solve it. Thanks for the feedback!

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