Wedding invitations

Has anyone made wedding invitations on Sapele 1/8”? Any suggestions you can offer? TIA

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Are they precut? Sapele is very difficult to cut with the laser, it chars a great deal.

If they’re precut and you just want to engrave them it’ll come out nicely, Sapele engraves nicely, very dark. You’ll want to use a jig to align the precut invitations.

The bottom line for me is that I’d avoid trying to cut Sapele. I’ve had nothing but trouble with it. Engraving would be fine — time consuming, but fine.

For more info search is your best friend:

Corner jig example:


hello, They are not actually cut. I planned on scoring/engraving and cutting. Thank you for the information.

Would another type of wood be recommended? such as cherry? I am desiring a dark pretty wood.


Cherry and most varieties of mahogany cut really well. They both engrave really well but mahogany will engrave the darker of the two.

Here’s a mahogany example:

Here’s a Cherry example.

Lots of places to get 1/8” wood, ocooch hardwoods is a well respected site and is priced well.