Wedi Board

I work with Wedi Board for stained glass. I was wondering if anyone has cut wedi board and if it works?

I’m not even sure what that is - but (per previous posts) @Kusmeroglu ( works with stained glass so maybe they can help

Also doing a search for “stained glass” might lead you to other people who work in the medium :slight_smile:


Glancing at their website, it looks like wedi board is a polystyrene foam core with fiberglass on both sides.

both polystyrene foam and fiberglass are on the “Never Cut these materials” list at :

Fiberglass> Emits fumes> It’s a mix of two materials that cant’ be cut. Glass (etch, no cut) and epoxy resin (fumes)

PolyStyrene Foam> Catches fire> It catches fire quickly, burns rapidly, it melts, and only thin pieces cut. This is the #1 material that causes laser fires!!!

based on that, I would guess probably not gonna work out well in the GF. Proceed at your own risk.


Thank you!

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I haven’t seen wedi board before, but I did recently find this post that I love: Acrylic & Wood Inlay Flowers Using Illustrator

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