Weight Capacity of Glowforge

Does anyone know the maximum weight capacity of the bed of the glowforge? I know there is a maximum height but there can be some heavy materials that can fit into a small space. Have emailed support with my question about a week or so ago but haven’t gotten a reply just yet


Well, you’ve got my attention and now I need to know… :slight_smile: What do you have in mind to cut that would be so heavy it requires the question?


I’m looking at stones mainly, from granite to the large flat red stones we have from our local area. Would like to make some markers for relatives who do not have headstones. Not sure if it would engrave well on granite trying to look at videos of laser and granite online and not finding a lot on 50watt lasers. But I believe the stones would engrave. This is will be my first laser and I don’t want to break it right out of the gate


Interesting. I look forward to the official answer as well as what you do with stone! If you search you’ll find several examples of other Glowforge owners that have had some really nice success on various stones.

Meanwhile, I’d think that, since you’re talking about spreading the weight over a decent size surface, you’re not likely to break anything as long as you’re gentle when placing it. I’d be particularly careful of jagged edges on the bottom. Perhaps lay down a thin sheet of cardboard or foam or whatever so you don’t scratch up the bottom of your 'forge. Anything’s possible, but I really can’t imagine you’re going to actually manage to break it with anything that would be, at most, 20" x 12" x 2".


I am also curious for an official answer. I’ve placed various size stone and tile in mine with no ill effects.

I have had 3 cm. pieces of marble in this machine, not as large as the bed size but around 10 x 12.
The support for the glowforge is two wide ridges that run the full width from side to side in the front and back, so the bed is fully supported… as long as it is sitting flat.
Within the parameters of possible thickness and x/y dimensions, I don’t think there is any danger of harming the machine. As Tom said place the stone, don’t drop it. I would also take his advice and protect the bottom from scratches.

This is just my opinion, but the machine is well made, and you would have to be pretty rough to damage it. Just be sure not to drop it on the head or gantry! :grimacing:


We’ve only tested it with Proofgrade material - which is generally less than 2.5 lbs for a full sheet of 1/4" acrylic, if I remember correctly. It can likely handle significantly more, but I don’t have any data.