Weird 'band' in dotted photo engrave

Hi! I’m trying to engrave a photo in a piece of wood, but after engraving I noticed some problems. First, there is a weird band in the middle of the picture, where it seems like the dots are ordenend in a different way. This creates an unwanted visual effect:

Also, the dots on the top of the picture are all aligned, creating lines instead of a random fade:

After examining I noticed that it is already there in the preview of the app, so I’m guessing it is something software based. (Although when I re-upload the image now the band in the preview is gone, so maybe that was a temporary thing?)

Can I prevent this in any way? Or can you guys do something about it? I can’t give these to my clients like this…

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Got the original photo to share? It could theoretically be something in the image?

Tried using vary power instead of dots?

Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m sorry your print didn’t turn out as expected.

I’m looking into this now, and I’ll be in touch when I have an update.

Thanks for your input! The original photo is fine… And vary power isn’t as nice :stuck_out_tongue: I noticed the band is gone in the preview now, going to try to print it again tomorrow to see if it is really gone

Thank you for your patience.

I extracted the logs to investigate and I was able to find your original file.

  1. It appears the image was compressed at some point, and the compression caused the bands to show up in the print. I suggest printing the original uncompressed image and seeing if you have better results.

  2. The straight lines of dots at the top of the print are caused by the very light gray color in the image. I suggest either removing the gray there, or adjusting the contrast to avoid this issue in the future.

Our team will continue looking into both of these to see how we can improve. Thank you for your feedback!

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