Weird cut issue with my sleigh design




So I designed this sleigh and have sold the designs to alot of people through etsy. I started getting random issues with the file and as I investigated, every person that complained about it, was a Glowforge Pro users. I have a Glowforge Plus and the file works for me!
. The file is getting a weird diagonal cut that shows up in the same place, even though when they load the file on screen it shows normal. I asked them to send me the file they were having problems with and I again tried it on my Glowforge Plus and it cut fine. I really need help on this I gave two people their money back because of this issue, then found out it might be a hardware/software issue with the GF Pro. Can someone please help with this. I have attached only the file that GFPro Users are having an issues with. I can provide the svg to someone I just don’t want to upload it here in the open.


Robert Kauffman

I bought your file and have cut several of these on my Pro without issue. I have changed the size and played around with different materials and never had an issue. I used the svg file. Obviously it doesn’t happen with every user or every Pro. Do you see any pattern in when the file was downloaded to the users reporting problems? My download was in August.

I don’t have a pro, but when I looked at the file in Corel draw, the file looked funny with sharp angled shapes over the outlines of the sleigh. This was only on the big sleigh. All of my files cut just fine.

The problem was with the 13.5" sleigh. BSleigh_PartA2.svg. All I know is I have had 7 people come back with the same problem and all of them had a glowforge pro. I just hate people wasting wood and feeling like I caused it but can’t find the problem.

Yes Corel draw is notorious with having problems reading Illustrator files if you don’t save them in older versions.

I’m sorry to hear that your customers have run into trouble when using this design with their Glowforge printers. So that I can investigate this further with you, would you be comfortable emailing the SVG to my attention at

Thank you for sending the file to me! I was able to locate a few prints of the design in our system, including one that matched one of the photos you shared. What I found is that the unexpected line is being drawn between these two anchor points in the design:

The anchor point on the right, near the back of the sleigh, when viewed up close has a curve control handle which is very small:

While uncommon, our app sometimes runs into trouble when trying to process very small, sharp curves. It may help to rebuild that area of the design or adjust the curve a bit. Please let me know if this information helps!


Thank you for your feedback, it is just strange that it only happens to some people and only the ones that were using GlowForge Pro. I had alread fixe the design, because the Part A was just a mirror of Part A2 so no one had ever had problems with that one. SP I just mirrored it and save it. Thank you for explaining I will watch out for that in my designs going forward.

I’m glad the information helped, and it’s great to hear that you already found a solution for adjusting the design! Unfortunately from what I can see in the logs it looks like the issue when processing the design is intermittent, and it was most likely chance that it happened only with your customers who have a Glowforge Pro. While different power and speed settings are available on Basic, Plus and Pro models, our app uses the same process for all three printer types when creating cut and score motion plans.

I’ll share notes about this with our product team so that we can explore it a bit further on our end. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into trouble again, or have any other questions for our team, please feel free to start a new topic on the forum or email us at and we’ll be happy to help.